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All steps have been taken to ensure the correctness of data and information as it appears on our website and we will therefore not be held liable for any mistake, misinterpretation or any omissions on our part whatsoever. We try to update all the information on a regular basis as soon as possible. FACTCORP.CO.ZA is trading as FACTCORP

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Please note that if any client put FACT's name in jeopardy by publishing or posting slanderous or false information about FACTCORP.CO.ZA or www.factcorp.co.za where CIPC is responsible for any unforeseen circumstances or delays on their side they will be in breach of contract.

Please note that due to high policies about spam related emails, international law and South African laws, our servers will remove duplicated/same emails if the same email is sent to different email addresses to factcorp.co.za as it will mark it as spam related, therefor we suggest only to sent us one email at a time. Please make sure to remember your reference number when corresponding with us to eliminate backlash of emails. We do respond to all emails and in some cases the same email is sent globally to all clients using mailing list software.

We will not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise due to any situation which we have no control over like any decisions made by the government(CIPC/CIPRO/SARS) which could affect our services , cause delays or due to theft/fire on our premises.
Please note that once the documentation are in the registrar's hands, we don't have control over it, thus can't be held responsible for any delays caused by their part. Once the documentation for TAX number and TAX clearance certificates are with SARS, we have no control over it and we are not held responsible if they are under staff for all tax seasons when delays might arise.

Please note that if Annual returns are due and we can't submit due to unforeseen circumstances at the registrar(CIPC), we are not liable for any late fees if there's delays at the registrar due to unforeseen circumstances but the client are liable for the late fees payable due to not paid in time.

Please note to always make sure to use the correct reference number when corresponding to us, as we are not responsible for any mistakes made because the incorrect reference number was provided. Also make sure you select the correct options when you apply so that you will receive the correct emails related to your application as we will not be held responsible for any delays that might occur due to this.

All information supplied to us cannot be verified due to our workload. We use the client's spelling and any wrong, incorrectly spelled, false or misleading information supplied to us will not be our responsibility and we will therefore not be held liable for any such information supplied to us as this is an open source data capturing system. It's the client's responsibility to make sure that all information will be supplied to us electronically for correctness. If information is not supplied electronically, we will not be responsible if anything is spelled incorrectly due to unreadable or different appearance by handwriting. Please note that we do secretarial work with CIPC on behalf of your business and FACT's cell phone number and email addresses may be used on CIPC documentation for secretarial purposes and can be explained in details need be. All information supplied by the client is stored on a secure server and will be kept confidential and private and will not be shared to any other 3rd party. Once you entered an email address on our website, you are automatically subscribed to our newsletters and advertisements.

Please note that if any information or correspondence from us or between us and CIPC is shared to any other party or 3rd party, this will be within breach of contract with FACTCORP.CO.ZA and we have the right to prosecute to the fullest extend of the law to assure our clients are protected by the informations act of 2008.

We can't be held responsible for any misleading information supplied to the registrar from our clients or any mistakes that might occur during the registration process at our offices or at the registrar.

If we find any information supplied to be misleading, false and wrong or the intention is there of doing illegal dealings, we reserve the right to cancel any such applications. Please note that we have a no refund policy once proof of payment have been confirmed. Any money paid into our account for any services no longer available, will be kept on credit, to be used for any other services we offer, or offer at a later stage.
Any payments made without the correct reference number will only be treated as paid on the date, proof of such payment with correct reference number was provided. If in any case the client used the wrong reference number and that reference number is of another application that has not paid, that client will be liable for the moneys we've lost.

No Refunds will be given when a quote has being accepted and paid for in full. No fees are transferable from one application to another. Any moneys paid towards any service will be waived if in breach of contract. It stays the client's responsibility to make sure the amount paid is the amount quoted for when applied and the account to be paid in is the correct account on the date you are doing payment as we don't do refunds on overpaid amounts or paid into the incorrect accounts. Any amount paid extra will be kept in credit until later utilized on any other services we offer.

Please note that for each cash payment, an additional R45.39 is needed to be added to the amount paid as the bank charges us R45.39 minimum for each cash transaction paid into our account.

Please note that by law if you applied on our website and paid the fee for the service we have to render, it is bound by law to be a valid accepted quote, paid for.

We can't be held responsible for any moneys paid into the wrong bank account number or older bank account we might have had in the past, it stay the client's responsibility to make sure they pay into the right bank account on the date you are doing payment.

Please note that we do not record any information of the credit card details of clients who use our online credit card payment facility to protect the privacy of our clients details.

Any services not followed through with us, but completed themselves or by other means after the client requested and paid for will be seen as in breach of contract.

VERY IMPORTANT: Once the name of a business is approved, it is reserved by the Registrar for (2 months before the 1st of May 2011) 6 months only. During these 6 months the client(s) are responsible for sending us the necessary, signed documentation in order to enable us to finalize the registration process. Therefore, if we do not receive the necessary, signed documentation from our client(s) within this (2 months before the 1st of May 2011) 6 month time-limit (enforced by the Registrar), the approved name will expire. The client(s) will then have to pay an additional fee within 2 weeks in order to re-submit the expired name. Failure to do so within this 2 week time-limit will cause the whole application to expire, and the client(s) will then have to re-apply at full cost for the registration of a new business.

Clients agree that when originals is requested after registration is complete to supply us with the orignals when needed if requested from the registrar.

Please take note that all instructions and correspondence need to be sent to us in an email so we are aware of it and can act on it in the quickest way possible. Due to the high volumes we handle, other documents posted that is not required might be overlooked.

Please note: Any application for the Amendment of a business that requires documents from the clients, WILL expire if these documents are outstanding for more than 2 months. Once it's paid, we expedite the process by handling all relevant documentation ready to attach your documentation once it arrives.

Please note: Any application which names of the business has being rejected needs to pay an additional fee of R164 so that we can submit the new names. The registrar does not credit us anymore since the new act has been implemented, so we are forced to charge this additional fee. The client has a time limit of 2 months to provide us with a new set of names. Failure to do so within this 2 months time-limit will cause the whole application to expire, and the client(s) will then have to re-apply at full cost for the registration of a new business.

Please note: Any application for deregistration is not refundable once paid for due to the letter you applied for is then already provided to you, so please make sure your information to de-register a company or CC is correct before you applied and paid.

Please note that due to the implementation of the new company's act of 2008, all applications paid for after the 1st of May 2011 to register a Close Corporation or Close Corporation names rejected after the 1st of May 2011, will have to register a new Company and will have to pay an additional R400. Any information supplied on correspondence after the 1st of May 2011 which is not of the new company's act of 2008, is not valid and can't be used as correct information supplied.

In order for FACT to be the fastest and most efficient registration office in SA, it greatly depends on the cooperation of our customers, who has to abide by the simple terms and conditions of our online application(s). Due to the high volumes we handle, it is the customer's responsibility to contact us, should they not receive any correspondence from us for a period of 3 working days (usually caused by emails either not read or addresses incorrectly entered).

Since the sole business of FACTCORP.CO.ZA is to facilitate the registration of businesses, we cannot be held liable for the misconduct or miscommunication of any accounting officer appointed for any business registered or amended by us.

Since CIPRO/CIPC (the Registrar of Companies in SA) decides what names and types of business are approved, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or even costs incurred by the outcome of their decision(s). Our only means of testing names and types of businesses before being submitted, is based on CIPRO/CIPC's facilities, since they are the Governmental and absolute ruling party. Should a word, words, and/or phrase be approved as a name for a business and any conflict(s) arise afterwards with a name, names, and/or phrases used by other business entities, whether national or international, then the matter should be taken up with our Governmental Institution, namely CIPRO/CIPC (the Registrar of Companies in SA).

As soon as any work is finalized by us, this includes all registrations, all responsibilities for the running of such a registered business shall pass to the members/directors. We therefore trust that the members/directors of the business have sufficient knowledge of the Act and how to manage a business efficiently. Any other registrations will be for the responsibility of the members /directors of the business.

SARS TAX: Every business must be registered with SARS for income TAX and submit all their TAX returns. Please note that the fees displayed on our website for tax clearance certificates does not include any TAX returns that might be outstanding. We can also help you with submitting your TAX returns once your business is registered for income TAX. Please ask us to quote you on submitting your TAX returns if any is outstanding.

Please note that we only do BEE certificates for start-up businesses and renewal for existing businesses who's turnovers is less than R1,500,000 for the construction BEP industry, R2,500,000 for the tourism sector and R5,000,000 for any other sector. If we find that any information supplied for an existing business applied for a BEE certificate below these thresholds are not correct, for example, the turnover is above these threshold for the last 12 months since applied, will be seen as in breach of contract. It stays the client's responsibility to make sure their details are correct before they apply for a BEE certificate. We do not cater for BEE certificates above the thresholds. Please note that we can only issue BEE certificates which falls within the qualifications of the BEE officer.

Please note that we only make use of the post office for sending original documents due to them being one price for all destinations. Collections with any other courier services have to be arranged by the client themselves and need to make us aware of it in advance so we can arrange for the documents to be ready for collection. Also take note that in any cases where there's unforeseen circumstances with the post office, for example they might strike and we will then be unable to make use of the only way of shipping documentation to our clients. Clients are then advised to arrange to collect their documentation from our offices and to notify us in time of such.

Due to the law and acts of South Africa that may change from time to time, we can't guarantee that information given by fax, email, telephone or any other means obtained from us, shall create any warranty on our part or be deemed 100% accurate or 100% reliable. We therefore encourage all clients to get a second opinion if in doubt about anything.

Any software or pages downloaded, used or obtained through the use of our site is completely done at your own discretion and risk. We will not be held liable for any damages to your computer system, related hardware, software, accessories or loss of any data whatsoever.

By making use of this website or any services we render you agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions in our Disclaimer and is regarded as a binding contract between FACTCORP.CO.ZA and the Client.

Due to circumstances out of our control, such as power failures, etc. FACT cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website and any or all related services, and therefore cannot be held liable for any damages or losses that might arise as a cause thereof. FACT will however, at all times, strive to maintain the best quality of service humanly possible.

Please note that all material used on this website is Copyrighted by FACTCORP.CO.ZA and may not be used, copied on any other website what so ever, because that's a criminal offence and will not be treated lightly! Legal action will be taken against thieves!

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